An email arrives… and you start sweating before you even open it…. it is another bill.

Did you mail your bill this week – did you mail them all? What did you forget?

Everyone stresses about money from time to time but let’s not make this a habit… it ruins your workplace time, your free time, your vacation time…. so here are few tips to make this a little easier.

1) Automate everything you can… regular bills, rent, mortgage, gas, cable, phone – and if you can’t quite do that because you are afraid you won’t have enough… set reminders so that you can check it… and do it manually.
2) Get your student loans and other loans in control… maybe consolidate them to make lower payments once… or ask for a lower interest rate and work with lenders to get a better rate… don’t leave high rates alone.
3) Talk about Money with your family or spouse. Money affects all in the family so ask them for help. Kids can understand basic principles and can be your biggest help… if you are having trouble saving for a vacation – ask the kids what can they do to help lighten the load.. less out to eat, more cooking at home for a big splurge. If you and your spouse are having money issues –

call me…. I help out in this all time…. yes – I am just a phone conference away… I help out all the time when it comes to finances.. worksheets, budgets and yes… intervention when needed.

Don’t put your head in the sand…

4) Start paying yourself first for saving and investing… this is the big one… set some goals and let’s work towards them together.