Are you stressed out? Family? Work? It can and is overwhelming…. for some it is muscle tension, headaches, anxious feelings. How you respond to stress is important… If you can handle it correctly – it can spur you on to new heights!!!
Questions to ask yourself for some perspective –
What external stressors do you have? How should you handle them?
Are these professional or personal?
What is the meaning to you? What is threatened? Once you name the stress you can address it
Is it just so much stuff – if so – you need to cut back.
If it is just exact stuff -then how do you delegate it or get rid of it?
Is there a specific person ? can you move them off to the side – talk with them or interact with them less?
Is it your schedule? Can you move it around to give your mind and body a short rest?
Are you getting any rest? Time off and rest can help…. I need it – we all need it.
Is this short lived stress or do you see an end in sight? Sometimes it you see a light at the end of the tunnel you can feel better overall that this is just short lived.

I go through these questions all time – Rest is usually what I need – how about you?