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August 2017

Affordable Protection for the ones you LOVE

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Safeguarding your family is at the top of the to do list. I work with an insurance company that can simplify this for you – they make it fast and easy. You can now apply for coverage through our quick, secure and fully electronic process. I work with clients everyday […]

College – Super Expensive… How do you pay for it without Mistakes

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College – we all hope our kids want to continue their education beyond high school but it can be very expensive and it is easier to start saving when they are little – let compound interest work for you and let that money ride….

But setting up a 529 Plan is only the beginning – you […]

Medi-share -Is it the right choice for your FAMILY?

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Medishare is NOT insurance – it is a new way of Christian HealthCare Sharing.

Back in New Testament days – the early believers shared each others burdens and cared for one another in an authentic Christian community where no one was left in need. Medi-Share members come together to share each other’s healthcare costs. […]

4 Tips for when you are stressing about MONEY $$$$$$$

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An email arrives… and you start sweating before you even open it…. it is another bill.

Did you mail your bill this week – did you mail them all? What did you forget?

Everyone stresses about money from time to time but let’s not make this a habit… it ruins your workplace time, your free time, […]

Bad Credit Repair Ideas

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How do you fix your credit? Call me first… don’t go to one of those companies advertised that says “We can increase your credit score by 100 points in 30 days!” They can’t. There is a right way and a wrong way to fix your credit and it is not easy or […]

Investing is Emotional – that is why you need me!!

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Investing IS emotional – everything you do is emotional… I do the heavy lifting.. whether it is in Insurance, mortgages, investing…. it all triggers an emotional trust and concern. Are you looking at everything? Did you forget something? Are you asking all the right questions? Did you forget to say […]

The President is the Reason for my Concern!!!!!!

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Ok – let’s be honest… some people are concerned and allowing their money to sit on the sidelines due to who the President of the United States is… what a silly reason.

I have clients that were invested during all of the President’s terms and they are all happy since the market is […]

Long Term Investing is NOT as Easy as it Looks

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Is it easy to save for the Future? No – that is why I am here. I work tirelessly to help my clients keep their goals in sight and when times get tough – remember – it is not what is always going on with the government effecting you […]

July 2017

Top 10 Lists – What to do when you BUY A HOUSE!!!

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Buying a House is the Biggest Investment that most of us Make!!!

My job is to make this easy for you. Here are 10 things you need to do to make this easy on yourself!
1) Thou shall not change jobs, become self-employed or quit your job
2) Thou shall not buy a car, truck, […]

Will you have enough MONEY for Retirement????

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61% of Americans surveyed : they are more scared of outliving their retirement that they are of death.

Most of Americans may be spending 20+ years in retirement

50% of households are at risk – their standard of living may decline in retirement.

Don’t let yourself or your family get left behind… call me today!!

Let me help […]