November 2017

Habits that separate the rich from the poor….

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Jim Rohn is one of my favorite speakers – he knows having a little and having a lot. I would rather have a lot… wouldn’t you?

Make a wealth plan… he said. Work harder on you than on your job … he said.
1) 70/30 rule…. why ? […]

Are you unstoppable? If not… read on please….. don’t stop….

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Ok – let’s look at these tips to be unstoppable… it is not hard… just do a few of these tips and you too can be unstoppable.. at anything.

Never be satisfied…. even after you achieve a goal.. then set another goal..

Be true to yourself… don’t live another’s dreams – live yours.

Never let of the pressure… […]

Lessons to live by… and they are just common sense

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What lessons do you need to learn? What lessons will help you have a better life? How about these ….

Don’t let someone else damper your dreams. Don’t let someone else ruin your song… just sing your own song. I have never been in the box… fit in the box…or […]

How to be a Happy Retiree!!!!

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Everyone wants to be happy in retirement – will you make it? What is needed for that to happen? Transitions are really hard after years of living for work and working to live – what are you to do?

You might need to sit down with me before you make the decision to […]

October 2017

Go ahead…. Invest already!!!!

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What are you waiting for? Invest already…. yes I mean it.. nothing is ever going to be perfect. There will be terror attacks, shootings, unrest in the Senate and the House… and I know – we are not even talking about the President….

We are in the 8th year of a great market…. So […]

Affordable Protection for the Ones you LOVE

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Safeguarding your family is at the top of the to do list. There is an easy way to do this. I represent a line of life insurance that you can apply for through a quick, secure and fully electronic process.
If you are approved, you’ll have your coverage in a fraction of the […]

Be Thankful for your Life!!! Live in the Moment!!

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Thankful – Be thankful for your Moments! This gives life salt… it makes everything better. But having enough money in retirement is part of the happiness that later in life can bring… are you ready?

How to be thankful whether you have it or not….
1) Take a break – go […]

I inherited $1 Million Big ones… what now?

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So you came into some money – let’s make sure that you have the basics shored up first.
1) Savings account – 3 to 6 months of living expenses in a regular savings account that is in cash.
2) If you are taking social security – you might need to suspend that – […]

Reverse Mortgage – Is it right for you??

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Is a reverse mortgage the best fit for your retirement? Your house is your home and you have waited a lifetime to retire -Your home is also a large storage of wealth. Home equity loans are expensive – they have a high rate of interest – you don’t want that. […]

IRS – what do they say about keeping your old IRA statements?

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How long should you keep your old IRA statements? Record keeping requirements are stringent for traditional IRSs whose contributions are generally tax -deductible on the way in, while withdrawls are taxable on the way out.

The paperwork you keep is to validate your claim of what’s taxable and what is not. […]