October 2017

Affordable Protection for the Ones you LOVE

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Safeguarding your family is at the top of the to do list. There is an easy way to do this. I represent a line of life insurance that you can apply for through a quick, secure and fully electronic process.
If you are approved, you’ll have your coverage in a fraction of the […]

Be Thankful for your Life!!! Live in the Moment!!

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Thankful – Be thankful for your Moments! This gives life salt… it makes everything better. But having enough money in retirement is part of the happiness that later in life can bring… are you ready?

How to be thankful whether you have it or not….
1) Take a break – go […]

I inherited $1 Million Big ones… what now?

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So you came into some money – let’s make sure that you have the basics shored up first.
1) Savings account – 3 to 6 months of living expenses in a regular savings account that is in cash.
2) If you are taking social security – you might need to suspend that – […]

IRS – what do they say about keeping your old IRA statements?

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How long should you keep your old IRA statements? Record keeping requirements are stringent for traditional IRSs whose contributions are generally tax -deductible on the way in, while withdrawls are taxable on the way out.

The paperwork you keep is to validate your claim of what’s taxable and what is not. […]

September 2017

Be a watchdog when it comes to your Insurance …..

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Be a watchdog.. watch out for your loved ones in protecting your property. Make sure you have adequate protection when it comes to your liability insurance provided with your homeowners insurance.

This part of your homeowners insurance covers you in case something happens to someone at your home… bodily injury or property damage that you […]

August 2017

Top 10 things we need to do to get our loans approved!!!

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What are the most conditions that we are missing on our loans ?
What are the problems that we need to address so that closings won’t be delayed?

1) Self employed borrowers – need all tax returns – all pages personal and business and a year to date signed profit and loss
2) rental […]

Affordable Protection for the ones you LOVE

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Safeguarding your family is at the top of the to do list. I work with an insurance company that can simplify this for you – they make it fast and easy. You can now apply for coverage through our quick, secure and fully electronic process. I work with clients everyday […]

June 2017

Happiness – You have to see it to believe it!!!

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Psychologists have long known that negative emotions narrow our thought and range of actions – and usually release one of two actions –  fear and stress  that resulted in fight or flight.  You and I do this all the time with our emotions.  Extensive research has found that  happiness actually has a very important purpose […]

The 5 deadly sins of investing

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There are several ways to get into trouble investing – especially if you are new…… unless you learn and learn fast.

Everyone likes to be right – but overconfidence is one of the deadly sins and this has been discussed in studies of behavioral economics.

MISCONCEPTION 1 – I can get out of the market before it […]

What is Critical Care insurance? Do you need it?

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Critical Care Insurance is needed because medical innovations are wonderful but that means they we are living longer and it will cost.  The reality is most of us know someone that has had a heart attack – stoke – or other serious medical occurence.  Someone in the US will :

suffer from a coronary event […]