August 2017

Affordable Protection for the ones you LOVE

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Safeguarding your family is at the top of the to do list. I work with an insurance company that can simplify this for you – they make it fast and easy. You can now apply for coverage through our quick, secure and fully electronic process. I work with clients everyday […]

June 2017

Happiness – You have to see it to believe it!!!

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Psychologists have long known that negative emotions narrow our thought and range of actions – and usually release one of two actions –  fear and stress  that resulted in fight or flight.  You and I do this all the time with our emotions.  Extensive research has found that  happiness actually has a very important purpose […]

The 5 deadly sins of investing

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There are several ways to get into trouble investing – especially if you are new…… unless you learn and learn fast.

Everyone likes to be right – but overconfidence is one of the deadly sins and this has been discussed in studies of behavioral economics.

MISCONCEPTION 1 – I can get out of the market before it […]

What is Critical Care insurance? Do you need it?

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Critical Care Insurance is needed because medical innovations are wonderful but that means they we are living longer and it will cost.  The reality is most of us know someone that has had a heart attack – stoke – or other serious medical occurence.  Someone in the US will :

suffer from a coronary event […]

What is your Life Expectancy?

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How long will you live?  The insurance companies have stats… and we are living longer than ever…. Life expectancy is a weighted average.  Without going into details, about 50% of people live to life expectancy and another 50% live past life expectancy.  That means you have to have more money that you ever expected to […]

May 2017

Do you need Business Insurance – Buy Sell Agreements

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What is a buy – sell agreement?  A legally binding contact that can be used with all types of businesses, both large and small.  It stipulates that, upon the death, retirement, disability, or other withdrawal of a principal.  The insured must sell –  at an agreed upon value, maintaining the value to the insured’s estate […]

Life Settlements – Is it for you?

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Life settlements are a great alternative to lapsing or surrendering a policy.  A number of factors have reignited the life settlement market with both consumers and investors showing rising interest.

The oldest baby boomers are reaching age 71, which is the age that these life settlements come into play.

Some Baby Boomers are needing the money and […]

October 2016

Compound Interest – Let it work and Make you Millions

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Easy Way to earn money

Retire with 4.3 Million in the Bank

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Everyone can do it with as little as $200 per month

Stock Market – Don’t be Fearful

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The Stock market moves – Don’t be afraid to Win!!