Investing IS emotional – everything you do is emotional… I do the heavy lifting.. whether it is in Insurance, mortgages, investing…. it all triggers an emotional trust and concern. Are you looking at everything? Did you forget something? Are you asking all the right questions? Did you forget to say something?

We all think like this but when you have someone that you can call your own… like me…. you can call and email and talk anytime and make sure. This is why I don’t worry about being phased out with a ROBO advisor or toll free lender. Yes – I am available all the time… weekends and weeknights… to ask questions or just ask how the numbers look this week.

If you don’t have this type of relationship with your advisor or mortgage professional – just call me – I don’t have a huge staff – I do it all – take all the calls and return them before the day is done. I don’t clock in and out with banker’s hours… I will always take time.

If your investment advisor is not accessible….find a new one.. if he/she won’t take time to send you emails and information about your investments – turn to someone that will…Proper planning is needed for your retirement and that involves communication.. so call me anytime – I will work for you.