Is it easy to save for the Future? No – that is why I am here. I work tirelessly to help my clients keep their goals in sight and when times get tough – remember – it is not what is always going on with the government effecting you … it may be just stuff going on… the real deal is what is happening in your family your job.

There is a reason many investors are impatient – they are looking for instant gratification – and then long term investing is going to be difficult for them. It takes something called “compound interest” to work for your investments – and that takes time. You can’t see if right away – or even for the first few years… but you will in year 7 or 12 or 20.

If you are smart -you will keep a little on the side so that you can have it liquid – some invested for a short term and then most of the lot invested for the long haul. Let that money build over time… and then let’s talk about your insurance, disability insurance, and long term care options.

Please call and get a check up with your accounts. I will be glad to help you look at a plan that makes you comfortable and saves your money for later in life… you can do it all with a little planning.