Debbie Lewis Show – Stations

debbie-lewis-show-stationsDebbie offers practical advice to listeners every weekend on all topics money related. She talks about investing, mortgages and insurance in an easy to understand way.

Because she is in the real estate field, investments and insurance currently – she is up to date on how to really get things done – not just theory. She currently holds licenses in all areas and acts as a fiduciary in all lines of her business – that means that she watches out for her clients – not her own interests – so you know she is giving out the best advice possible.


Perfect for the following advertisers – your sales staff can get all these advertisers on board for extra income for your station.

  • Real Estate agents / companies
  • Insurance agents – both life / health / property and casualty
  • Mortgage banks and loan officers
  • Title Companies
  • Retirement Planners
  • Precious metals dealers
  • Credit Unions
  • Auto Dealerships

Format: One weekly hour
Distribution: FTP Download
Free of Charge: 8 local, 7 network minutes

Phone: 979-220-3018
Fax: 979-314-4700

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