Ok – let’s be honest… some people are concerned and allowing their money to sit on the sidelines due to who the President of the United States is… what a silly reason.

I have clients that were invested during all of the President’s terms and they are all happy since the market is not so much as who is President but how is businesses in the United States doing.

People survived Carter, Clinton, Bush and Obama… they survived gas crisis’s , wars, affairs and Obamacare… so why are we upset now? I really don’t know… business and our economy are still working – I still have to get my kids in college and then out of college. I have to save for retirement, and take trips to the beach. I will keep doing my life no matter who is President and so will you.

We all don’t get time to change the world – we are busy leading our lives, playing with grand kids, planning birthday parties and going on vacation… so just let this stuff float on by and keep working on what you can control.. put money away for a rainy day called retirement, get to work on investing , save for your long term care… and live life.

Let me worry about the money…. just help me a little by allowing me to keep you focused on what you can control….