What are the most conditions that we are missing on our loans ?
What are the problems that we need to address so that closings won’t be delayed?

1) Self employed borrowers – need all tax returns – all pages personal and business and a year to date signed profit and loss
2) rental income – need to have 24 months worth of seasoning
3) declining income – this will be a problem -we need reasons and have to justify it
4) insufficient assets – not providing enough paperwork for your assets or reserves
5) Large deposits – missing source of funds for unusual or uncommon deposits
6) 401k accounts – missing information on how to get the loan or money out – terms
7) business assets – using business assets are tricky especially if the borrower does not own 100% of the business
8) residency – missing 24 month living history or rental history for you
9) tradelines – missing minimum numbers of accounts on credit report
10) rescored credit: not meeting guidelines for allowing rescoring of credit

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