How long will you live?  The insurance companies have stats… and we are living longer than ever…. Life expectancy is a weighted average.  Without going into details, about 50% of people live to life expectancy and another 50% live past life expectancy.  That means you have to have more money that you ever expected to keep paying your bills.

57  – the average age of people buying long term care

70% –  of people choose 3-5 years benefit periods

54%  – of policies are purchased by couples

24% – are purchased by just one spouse

22%  – are purchased by single individuals


You need to make sure that you have enough money and are able to protect your assets and your children’s inheritance.  Call me today and we can get you a lot of quotes  –  there are added riders that can get you a 3 or 4% inflation guard, a insurance death benefit so that anything you do not use will be left to your children…. and then there is how much you will need for the policy benefit.   How much depends on what type of place you are wanting to stay in … and for how long.    We can get several estimates… Debbie Lewis  979-220-3018  call me today.