Most people don’t have a budget per se… but they don’t want one either. They hate budgets… they are constricting… they are hard to follow… they are….. ( fill in the blank)
But – you need a budget if you are ever going to save money for savings sake – for emergencies and for retirement and investing.

Myth #1 – Setting up a Budget is Difficult!!!
No – it is really simple. There are great web sites that are free to help you also. is a great one – very easy to use. Basically you are adding up what you earn and deducting what you spend…. Simple math. Just a list of the income sources and the expenses.

Myth #2 – You have to be good with Numbers
No – again – just add and subtract. Once you have listed your income and your expenses – add them up separately and see your total income and what is left… we hope there is something left or we need to address that problem.

Myth #3 – Budgeting takes sooooo much time
No – again – give yourself maybe an hour to work up the numbers – go through your checking account statements and see what you have under what category and that’s it. When you first start out – you have to look at the specifics but next month you should be able to go a little faster… you might change the way you have your numbers organized but you just need a system that works for you.
It will really help you control spending to get to your goals.
Myth #4 – Budget’s don’t have room for FUN!!
Yes – just BUDGET it in! all you are doing is setting up a system to allow yourself room to do what you need in advance. Don’t stop all the things you like – just keep them in there and short some other category. I take my lunch to work more if I have more clothes expenses or am saving for a trip. YOU DECIDE IT IS YOUR BUDGET!!!

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